Chocolate. It's delicious, sensuous, rich...

and probably your first flavor of choice for dessert and source of the best hot cocoa Nashville has to offer.

But how much do you really know about the people of at the bottom of the chocolate chain? Hardworking small-scale farmers produce more than 90 percent of cocoa used to create the chocolate you enjoy. Most of these farmers are living below the poverty level. Without access to proper tools such as scales, boots, storage bags, and even resources as basic as clean water, these farmers suffer every day.

Your support of small-scale farmers helps them to have a voice in the cocoa industry. It gives them power to improve their livelihoods and chocolate at the same time. Not only does your purchase of Nashville's Best help these farmers, but it also helps to preserve family farms and keep farming practices traditional. When you buy from us, you support local.

What if you could improve the lives of these farmers? What if you could help them prepare a brighter future for themselves and their families? What if you could give them access to the resources they need to break free from poverty…just by eating chocolate? Music City Coffees is a true believer in the fair trade coffee and cocoa business. It is how we know we have the best coffee and the best hot cocoa in Nashville! Not only do we provide the freshest ingredients but we provide a tremendous way to support local communities around the world right here in Nashville!

Introducing the Global Cocoa Project. Learn more about the project and how to get involved.

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